The custom MacBook Pro 13 Retina is pleasant to touch, thanks to the matte silky exterior. Your images and photographs are printed with modern, efficient techniques, guaranteeing quality images. Intense colours and enhanced pastel shades, and an incredibly soft case.


We use only the best materials to make custom Mac Pro 13 Retina cases, dedicating special attention to the tiniest of details. The holes in the Mac Pro 13 case have been applied intelligently: a grill on the lower section to favour ventilation of the laptop, and cleverly placed holes in line with the USB ports.


Designed above all to protect your device, the MacBook Pro 13 Retina case has been proven to drastically reduce the risk of damage to your Mac in the event of it being dropped. The rigid case totally surrounds the body and screen of your device with a membrane that is thick enough to reduce damage from falls and scratches without rendering the Mac too bulky or hindering the opening of the laptop.